मिट्टी से बना हूँ, इसी मिट्टी में मिल जाऊंगा एक दिन,

जब तक हूँ साथ तेरे,

साथ यूँही निभाउंगा !

This is how, A Pot lives her life.

From the celebration of birth of new life to the preparation of transmission to next life, A pot remain with us all the time.

( नए जीवन के जश्न से लेकर अगले जीवन की तैयारी तक )

You all must be thinking why I am discussing about the life of a Pot. It is just a Pot, a non-living thing created by humans. What is the connection with our life ?

So friends today I will share a short story, a conversation with A Pot which took me to the old good times of my life.

Around 3-4 years ago, I had to go to an ancient native village of my for-father’s and relatives in Kolkata for some important family rituals. I was visiting my ancient village after very long time. I exactly don’t remember about my last visit in my childhood days but now I was going as a grown up man, no rather a grown up machine! Who is stuck up in modernity and technologies and trying to compete to become the best machine of the society.

I had to go to the village Habra, the interior part of the West Bengal state. The village looked very simple with greenery all around. It felt like the city is still living the era of 90’s.

I reached my village house, after a long journey, I was tired. I sat and asked for a glass of chilled water.

My sister went towards the Pot (Mitti ka Matki), and poured a glass of water for me.

I asked her, Can I have a glass of Chilled water from Fridge ?

She laughed and said, We don’t keep water in fridge and anyways your refrigerated water is fail in front of Pot water (matke ka pani).

That time, I didn’t have any option, but to drink it as I was thirsty. The moment I took the sip, it felt the tastiest sip of water ever I drank. We all know, water does not have any flavour, but that glass of water had a flavour.

पानी में वो मिट्टी की भीनी भीनी खुशबू, was a flavourful bliss for me.

Thereafter, my sister asked me to take rest and said she will bring tea for me. While I was sitting, there was peace all around; I could see the people working in the field from my window. Then I looked at the POT. I said, I am in love with this Pot water. I couldn’t find such great taste in refrigerated water.

Suddenly I heard a voice, saying every sweet bite/sip of success has lot of pain and hard work. There after I tried to look outside to check who is speaking, Then again a voice came. I am a Pot my dear friend. Now the voice made me amazed and replied back,

Oh! Pot you can speak?

Yes, she said.

I have also a life –

मैं भी तुम्हारी तरह ही मिट्टी से बनी हूं  |

But my master turned my life story in to a Pot which you could find here everywhere in various form.

Thereafter, my sister brought me a cup of tea, the cup was again made of clay which we know as (Kulhad- कुल्हड़). She asked me to enjoy the tea and there after she asked me to take bath and get ready for the religious ceremony. While sipping the tea, again I feel relax by the earthen flavor in the Tea. It was like; I was having one of the best cup of tea of my life.

Thereafter I asked to the Pot, What is your story (क्या है तुम्हारी कहनी ?)

Then she said, once I was just a piece of soil dumb in the field you can look out from the window. One day your uncle brought me at this home. I asked him, what you are going to do with me? Then he said, I am here to give a meaning to your life.

But I am lying comfortably in that field with my family and friends, what you want me to change ?

Then he said, some hard work, creativity, pain and patience can give a new meaning to your life, you can be an important and integral part of the society.

Thereafter he rolled and pounded me on a wooden table, poked me again and again to give initial shape, he put me onto a wheel (Whim….whim…..) and began to spun around and around. Trust me I felt like the worst hangover I can have in my life.

Here I was turning in to a shape, I was feeling good, but it did not last for a long time, I saw, he is taking me towards a kiln.

I was frightened and asked him, what you are going to do now? He said now you have to be on fire, it will make you strong and there after no matter what are the circumstance you will remain cool inside forever.

Trust me, each of the moment was like which I felt never before. It was hot, suffocating and irritating.

After it’s done and became hell black, he took me out. I felt a sign of relief and also felt stronger than before. Then your sister started putting colours on me. She turned me beautiful. I was happy.

But your uncle didn’t let me to feel happy for long, he again placed me back into furnace. I was angry, I asked him Why? Why the hell he put me into this hell again?

He replied back with the smile, I am doing this, so that you should realize beauty should be from inner self and you should be strong from outside.

Again after a suffocating and irritating course, I was placed out to be cooled.

Then after all process, I asked your uncle, is anything left now?? I can’t take it anymore. Then he smiled, took me in front of mirror and said now look at you, I know the process gave a lot of pain, but now you have a new meaning to your life.

Yes, this is what I feel every time when people use me in their life.

Look at you, I made you to drink the best glass of water and tea in your life which you could not have drank from your machines (refrigerators and plastic cups).

Thereafter, my sister told me to go for a bath.

Taking the bath, my all tiredness was gone and I was ready for the Pooja (religious ceremony).

While sitting at the pooja. The first thing I saw was a mitti se bana kalash

( कलश ), auspicious pot used in any religious ceremony.

Usually I saw, metal made kalash (कलश).

Then I asked the Pot, तुम याहा भी ?

Then she said, I don’t want to get into deep inside any religious comment, but मिट्टी का कलश घर के वास्तु के लिए अच्छा है ( Kalash made out of clay is good for vaastu of the house)

After the ceremony, I had to give the Dakhsina (honorarium) to Pandit jee, I took out my purse but I had no cash, as I forgot to take out of ATM machine.

Now I was in a job so I felt embarrassed to ask any money from uncle then I asked my sister to lend me some cash and told her that I will return back to you. She went into her room and brought her Piggy Bank ( Gullak, गुल्लक). She said she has the money in this मिटटी का गुल्लक.

I felt amazed, and it reminded me of my good old days when I used to save money in this ( Gullak, गुल्लक) and use it to purchase my desirable things.

It made me to think, with changing times how I have forgotten my basic habit of saving. During those time, I used to get my pocket money in 100’s or so, still I was able to save but today I am earning in lakhs, have my own account which we say as so called savings account still, I run out of money at the end of my month.

I have realized that moving out of basic(मिट्टी का घड़ा, गुल्लक, etc) and small things in life and turning towards shortcut machines turned me to a life full of incompleteness and scarcity.

Despite how modern or technically updated I have become in my life, I am far from enjoying the basic things of my life.

At the last, I have asked last question to her (The Pot),

जब  तू मौजूद है हर जगह, तो दुर क्यों हूँ इतना तुझसे सब

From birth to death, in every occasion you are the most crucial part, then why everyone have kept you away from their daily life?

She smiled and replied back

दूर क्यों है मुझसे तू,

यह पूछ खुद से तू |

This visit of mine to my village, not only made me part of religious ceremony but also made me to look the life from a different angle.

Recently when I heard about the brand KABBISH I was amazed with their concept. They took an initiative to bring the basic roots of Indian Culture of Pottery in form of creative collection to showcase.

KABBISH don’t just offers a product, rather a  story of emotions, tradition, culture and history of India with a blend of modern thought process which you can feel and showcase to the world.



Abhijeet Das is a business developer by profession. He is also a travel enthusiast and an aspiring story teller. He writes on travel, food and short stories. 


  • Ankita Shrivastava says:

    This is an amazing way of sharing and reminding people about the basics of our lives and where we come from. This story grounded me. Hats off to the writers skills 🖤

  • Mononita Bhattacharjee says:

    This story, brightened my mind.
    Mitti ko Chhuna hain, bohot ud liye Aasmaan me.
    Thanks for the insight Mr Das. 😊

  • MUKUL SHUKLA says:

    A very scintillating example to imbibe the essence of our culture into the modernised young minds…
    Loved this piece !

  • Mansi Das says:

    Truly the story took me back to find the real meaning of living our life.In this hustle and bustle we have eventually forgotten many of the essential elements and their value which play an important part of our life.Not only that this is an inspiration that each little thing has it’s own moral story and qualities which we should embed within ourselves. Great work …awaiting many more such stories!!:)

  • Roma das says:

    A classic representation to portray that each and every object has a story to tell. Waiting for more such stories……

  • Abhijeet what a masterpiece ..👌🤗
    Beautifully describe कि किस तरह की मिट्टी के अलग-अलग बर्तन कुछ न कुछ कहानी कह रहे हैं ।
    और हमारे बनने में भी तो कहीं ना कहीं मिट्टी का ही योगदान है इसीलिए तो कहा जाता है …..
    मिट्टी से आए हैं मिट्टी में मिल जाना है ।

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